We are passionate about helping small businesses and nonprofits grow by being strategic about how they communicate. Our primary services include:

Communications Strategy Development

This core service offering helps our clients clearly identify whom they are trying to reach, what they need to say, and where/how they should say it. Think of it as a road map for your marketing efforts written in a way that non-marketers can understand.

Through the communications strategy development process, we’ll analyze your current marketing efforts (website, social media, print, and more) and make recommendations for improving your efforts to better reach your audience.

Copy Writing & Editing

Have something to say but aren’t quite sure how to say it? We can help.

We work with many clients to write website content, blog entries, social media posts, copy for print materials, and much more. If you’re the hands-on type who writes your own copy but wants a second set of eyes on something, we can help with that, too.

Social Media Strategy & Management

Do you have grand plans for consistent social media posts that keep getting pushed to the back burner? Or does the very idea of managing social media channels make your head spin? Are you wondering if social media even makes sense for your organization?

We believe social media can be a powerful tool for small organizations, but it’s important to be strategic and consistent. If you’re looking for some general guidance on social media strategy or someone to manage your posts across channels, give us a call.

Website Content Management

Is your website content in need of a refresh? Do you have critical edits to make to your content but struggle to navigate the editing process in your website system? Whether you need a one-time refresh of your entire site’s content or someone to make regular updates, StoryPath Communications is happy to help.

We know our way around most web platforms and can help with edits and basic training for staff to make ongoing updates. Looking for a redesign of your website? Well, that’s not us, but we work with some great web design firms and would be happy to talk about your needs and refer you to one of our partners.

Print Materials

Some people may tell you that print is dead, but we believe it’s still a great way to reach key audiences. We like to think outside the box and help clients use print in creative ways. As with websites, we leave the actual design work to the design experts, but we can help create the strategy, write the copy, and manage the process to deliver high-quality print materials that meet your needs.

Internal Communications Consulting

Do you have a strategy in place to support employee engagement through open, two-way communication? As a business owner, do you know what your employees think about your company? Employee communications is a critical component for organizations of any size, but it’s often lost in the shuffle of other priorities. If you want to focus on improving your internal communications efforts, contact us today.

Media Training

Having a video camera pointed at you with a microphone in your face can be pretty intimidating for anyone. Are you prepared for potential media coverage of your company, whether positive or negative? Let us help you and your staff prepare for media interviews, whether it’s an already scheduled interview or just a future possibility. We’ll coach you through anticipating questions, preparing key messages, and responding to difficult questions.

Looking for something else? If you have a marketing or communications need that’s not listed above, we still invite you to get in touch with us. We may be able to help, as we work with several partner companies to provide photography, graphic design, web design, and other services needed to execute client projects.